World Organization of Natural Medicine

University of Humanitarian Medicine


The University of Humanitarian Medicine is the research department of the World Organization of Natural Medicine.


  • Research programs are formalized leadership efforts that focus on developing, the research capabilities. Research is restricted to members of the organization.

  • A bridge between, humanitarian educational resource institutes and other humanitarian organizations.

  • A think tank in support of the World Organization of Natural Medicine humanitarian programs.

Member institutions within the World Organization of Natural Medicine, the University of Humanitarian Medicine federationmust adhere to established standards for research, postgraduate fellowships and professional development, which focuses on humanitarian service and peacebuilding. 




Doctor and Practitioners of Humanitarian Services

In the developed and developing world they are countless individuals who are suffering from health challenges due to addictions and lifestyle related illness. There are also millions of people in war torn countries and individuals affected by natural disasters who are lacking basic nutrition, education and effective traditional healthcare and skills to reform their lives.

WONM-Clinics for Humanity™ has instituted; safe, and simple, standardized traditional medicine treatment protocols for treatments of addictions, behavioral health, trauma and disaster relief.


University of Humanitarian Medicine and-WONMU-Asia 

WONM University Asia is the first university in Taiwan offering 4 years medical degree program in Integrative medicine with internship in hospitals in China. Members may apply for international service learning to satisfy part of the requirements for fellowship or doctoral research. This is a membership benefit not available to the general public.


Doctoral research and Fellowships

Doctoral and post graduate fellowships research programs are restricted only to members of the organization. They are responsible for researching and publishing reports on effective, traditional natural medicine techniques and remedies. All researches and publications under WONM research department library.


Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine (CCHM) is the North American research center for the WONM-University of Humanitarian Medicine. Its research faculty members are authorized to supervise doctoral research and fellowship programs.