World Organization of Natural Medicine
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University of Humanitarian Medicine

Research department of the World Organization of Natural Medicine.


  • Research programs which are formalized leadership efforts that focus on developing, the research department capabilities.

  • A bridge between, humanitarian educational resource institutes and other humanitarian organizations.

  • A think tank in support of the World Organization of Natural Medicine humanitarian programs.

Partners within the University of Humanitarian Medicine research team must adhere to established standards for research, postgraduate fellowships and professional development, which focuses on humanitarian services and peace building. 

The doctoral research and fellowships are formalized leadership development programs which focus on propagating traditional natural medicine and humanitarian medicine delivery through research.

Doctoral research and fellowships are restricted Only to members of the organization.

University of Humanitarian Medicine Federation Affiliate partners grant doctoral research degrees and postdoctoral fellowships under the auspices of its charter.

Take your Clinical Degree to the highest level through Action Research.

What is action Research?

Action research seeks transformative change through the simultaneous process of acting by through doing research, which are linked together by critical reflection. Kurt Lewin, a professor at MIT, first coined the term "action research" in 1944. In his 1946 paper "Action Research and Minority Problems"

University of Humanitarian Medicine is the only organization where you are offered an opportunity to take your clinical degree to the highest level through action research and to bring underserved people to state of wholeness through education.

 UHM action research is a form of problem-based investigation by members into their practice. The goal is both to create and share knowledge in traditional natural medicine modalities and to add to the organization research department.

UHM Action research participants reflect upon the consequences of their own questions, beliefs, assumptions, and practices with the goal of understanding, developing, and improving their own practices and setting themselves apart as educators.

The program is designed to create levels of change (1) self-change, in participants within the research group (2), the second level is a collective process of understanding change in your group, your clinical settings and the community.

You will work with others to create a collective sharing of information for a deeper understanding. It will be a process of sharing findings with other researchers within the group. Sharing will be accomplished in many avenues such as social media, books, conferences, community seminars and workshops and material form other researchers in our research department.

 There are four levels of action research that you can participate in

  • Collaborative Action Research- Working with others on a project will to gain more knowledge on the group’s resources and skills.

  • Participatory Action Learning and Action Research- Enhancing your practice through participating

  •      Collective Action Research- Sharing other research works

Be Rewarded for your Research

 Upon completion of your action research a doctoral degree or fellowship is awarded and you’re your research work will help to expand the organization’s research department, position you as an educator and author, your research will be eligible  for publication  as a book or a reference manual , will help to increase your income potential and most of all leave a legacy for the next generation.



Education Affiliations and Accreditations

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University of Humanitarian Medicine in research programs are in collaboration with Saint Peter and Paul, Lutheran University Institute. 


UHM Is a member of United Academic Impact

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Professional Development

Certificate and Diploma courses

Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine is the North American research center for the University of Humanitarian Medicine. Its research faculty members are authorized to supervise doctoral research and fellowship programs


University of Humanitarian Medicine and-WONMU-Asia 

WONM University Asia is the first university in Taiwan offering 4 years medical degree program in Integrative medicine with internship in hospitals in China. Members may apply for international service learning to satisfy part of the requirements for fellowship or doctoral research. This is a membership benefit not available to the general public.