Dr. Darrell Wolfe
Ac. PhD. DNM. DHS.

Educator and Author

Has practiced for over 40 years in natural medicine with special emphasis as a medical intuitive and is known as the ‘Doc of Detox’. Dr. Wolfe is a renowned speaker in health summits and documentaries, including the acclaimed ‘The Truth About Cancer’ series and ‘The Truth About Detox’, which have been seen by millions around the world. He is a professor and the director of the prestigious International Training Institute of Health that offers unique health coaching courses to the public and healthcare professionals, he is the author of the best-selling book Healthy to 100 and director and host of The Doc of Detox weekly international radio shows. Dr. Wolfe will be presenting on why chronic systemic inflammation is at the root cause of many chronic diseases.

Lecture/Workshop: Inflammation Chronic Diseases Connection

In this presentation, you will learn why you should have a closer look at low-grade systemic inflammation for better outcome of your clients.

Mr. Ty Bollinger

Author and Natural Health Influencer

Ty Bollinger is a talk radio host, documentary film producer, and best-selling author. After losing several family members to cancer (including his mother and father), Ty refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were the most effective treatments available for cancer patients. This experience motivated him to embark on a journey to learn more about cancer real causes and effective traditional treatments.

After publishing his book “The Truth About Cancer” TY Bollinger proceeded to travel across the USA and interview the most renowned doctors and scientists about treating cancer naturally. They eventually produced the documentary mini-series (docu-series) entitled “The Quest for The Cures” and “The Quest for The Cures…Continues.” This docu-series was viewed by over 2 million people worldwide. In 2015, Ty traveled the globe to interview more doctors, scientists, and cancer survivors and produced “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” which aired in October 2015 and April 2016 and has been viewed by over 8 million people worldwide. In 2016, Ty released “The Truth About Cancer” book, which was a follow up to the docu-series with the same name.

Lecture: The truth about Cancer

Ty Bollinger will share his amazing journey and provide insights on healthcare through education.


Dr. Scarlett Antaloczy

Dr. Scarlett Deva Antaloczy comes from a lineage of musicians and healers. She is a Best-Selling Author, Educator and in western and eastern medicine modalities, integrating Chinese, Natural, Anti-Aging and Music Medicine.  She is an educator of addictions management and manual techniques and Music Ambassador at the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine as well as a participant in humanitarian outreach locally and international with WONM-Clinics for Humanity™ .As practitioners of natural healing we tend to focus on helping our clients but often neglect ourselves.  In this healing circle, Dr. Scarlett will use healing sounds to guide practitioners towards our own wholeness, centering our intention for the time in the circle and exploring what is most alive in us.

Saturday Night: Musical Healing Circle


Dr. Howard Fisher
B.Sc., B.Ed., M.B.B.S., D.C., I.M.D., D.H.S.

Dr. Fisher lectures internationally on anti-aging, nutrition, wellness, and immunology. He has written many articles for trade publications and is a featured guest on many radio and television broadcasts.  In addition to authoring nineteen health-oriented books, his research has also been published in peer-reviewed journals.  His books and lectures have been translated into eleven languages and are sold in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. His current seminar that he delivers to both Medical Anti-Aging Conferences, cancer conferences and medical schools worldwide, makes both professionals and the public aware of the omnipresent threats present in our immediate environment and gives insightful plans of remediation. He is a Senior Associate Dean at the Health Optimization Coaching Academy and has advised several governments on electromagnetic radiation effects and has been involved as a lecturer with the Truth About Cancer (TTAC) series.

Topic: Electromagnetic radiation- undermining the success of your treatments.


Hon. H.E. Sir.
Dr. Raphael Louis

Author, Politician, and Humanitarian

Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis is the leader of the National Coalition party of Canada (NCPC), a new Canadian Federal Political The party which is based on Nationalism, Internationalism, and sustainable reform through the democratic process.

His sociopolitical and Leadership campaigns began in 1990 for which he has gained insightful knowledge of sociopolitical issues affecting the Canadian Multilevel Societies, and has also developed the brilliance, intelligence, magnetism, charisma and the personal characteristics of a true visionary national and world Leader,  Knight of the Knights of Columbus, and Knight commander for  Order of Saint Paul(Canadian priory), Colonel of the Holy Company of Miracles of Saints. Under the protection of the Order of Saint Paul and. The Company is mandated is to help those who wish to go on humanitarian outreach, in Europe and the Americas. He presents many lecturers on the effect of conflict resolution on health and poverty and is professor of the University of Humanitarian Medicine and Ambassador at large for the World organization of Natural Medicine-Clinics for Humanity™

Lecture: Conflict resolution the solution to wholeness.


Dr. Deborah Drake
PH.D,MD (ret), IMD, DHS

Clinician and Educator

I believe in lifelong, self-directed learning ranging from undergraduate BSc in Kinesiology, Biology, and Psychology universities of Waterloo then Alberta followed by Doctor of Medicine degree at McMaster University, Family Medicine, and Special Certification in Emergency Medicine (University of Toronto) graduating in 1988. After twenty-five years as an allopathic conventional allopathic medicine, I came to a new realization that humans are body mind and spirit and that fragmented approach was the answer to human wellness. After such an intense experience, I branched out and up. I studied natural medicine modalities and moved forward into new consciousness into integrative medicine with a special focus as an educator with special emphasis on bioenergetic medicine. My current interest is in creating health coaching programs and in disseminating quality information, technology, and expertise to the world through the internet and biotechnology.

Lecture: Bioenergetics Technology and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. George Grant

Prof. Grant, Ph.D. is an award-winning author of 11 bestselling books. He also holds 5 patents, has published over 250 health-related research papers and has reviewed/edited over 375 papers and articles. Prof. Grant has been a guest speaker at many health-related conferences all around the world. He is a senior editor of 6 scientific journals and has co-authored books with Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracey, Les Brown and hundreds of other celebrity bestselling authors. Dr. Grant has pioneered the research on Beta Endorphins; organized and presented at the International Pain Conference in Chicago, IL in association with the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medical Clinic and Harvard Medical School.

Over the years Prof. Grant, through his unique Lunch & Learn program, has helped many fortunes 500 companies worldwide, including Dofasco, Cameco, Honda, RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank, CIBC, Mastercard and Transamerica, just to name a few. The Lunch & Learn program has now expanded to non-profit organizations and private industry. Prof. Grant believes that Prevention is better than Intervention; Self-care is better than Crisis Care; Meditation is better than Medications. His slogan is, we care, serve and educate. He helped many practitioners worldwide to achieve success in their practice by focusing more on educating clients instead of treatments. In this presentation, he will present on how you can launch a successful lunch and learn health practice.

Lecture: lunch and learn a model for success.


Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel
Ph.D., IMD., DHS.

Dr. Vanden Heuvel has been involved in medicine for 32 years He holds 3 Ph. D’s, 2 Doctorates and 4 Certifications. He has personally done over 18,000 consultations in private practice and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker. He is the author of the book “Life is a Teeter-Totter”, “Outsmarting HPV”.11 DVD’s, 100’s. Dr. Vanden Heuvel was awarded the Order of Excellence Integrative Medicine by the World Organization of Natural Medicine University and the Humanitarian Medicine Clinics for Humanity. He is a director of Nature’s Educational Institute and collaborate education courses with the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine. Dr. Vanden Heuvel, has very effective outcome of using Collagen in practice and is willing to share his protocols in incorporating collagen to enhance immunity with other practitioners.

Collagen effect on immunity

Sir. Dr. Gerald H. Smith

Clinician, Educator, and Author

Doctor Gerald H. Smith is a recognized international authority on craniomandibular somatic disorders with a focus on resolving chronic pain. He is the author of a landmark textbook, Cranial-Dental-Sacral Complex and the first researcher in the world to radiographically document cranial bone movement by means of the Dental Orthogonal Radiographic Analysis System, which he developed. Doctor Smith also developed and patented the world’s first cranial motion precision attachment to permit cranial motion in fixed bridgework that crosses the maxillary mid-line. Doctor Smith is also the originator of the Occlusal Cranial Balancing Technique, the worlds first occlusal system to balance cranial bone and spinal alignment. He has also contributed equally important books, Reversing Cancer, Headaches Aren't Forever and Alternative Treatments for Conquering Chronic Pain. His latest book presents a major paradigm shift by integrating osteopathic, chiropractic, dental, medical, physical therapy, and nutritional concepts. Doctor Smith’s 46 plus years of clinical research has uncovered several of the major missing links for the cause of chronic pain and medical problems. He was an invited speaker at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, Yonsi Memorial Hospital in Seoul, South Korea, Holistic Medical Association and other prestigious meetings. He is a past president and editor of the Holistic Dental Association, and past president of the Pennsylvania Craniomandibular Society. He has a specialty practice in chronic pain, nutrition and dental orthopedics/orthodontics in Langhorne, Pennsylvania and Toronto, Ontario

 Presentation: Lecture: Duck Tape Healthcare

Sir. Dr. Stanley Ngui

Educator and Humanitarian

Dr. Stanley Ngui is the 23rd  generation of the Ngui family. Since the age of four, he has studied with his father and various Masters of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His education includes a Master level in Qigong, Doctor of Philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Acupuncture, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services. One of his great honors was being knighted into the Sovereign Orthodox Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St John in 2009. In 2010, he traveled to Haiti with other members to provide humanitarian medical service for earthquake survivors and to educate frontline healthcare professionals on how to use natural modalities for treating emergency disaster survivors, in addition, he visited Peru and Canadian First Nation’s communities on a similar humanitarian outreach. He has taught seminars, workshops, classes, and retreats, both locally and internationally on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over forty years. 

His presentation will focus on how the mind works and how it can affect health recovery. We would be looking at the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind, and how they interact with each other. We can talk about how the mind influences our mere existence.

Lecture: How does your mind help recovery from diseases?


Brian Gangel

Educator and Seminar Leader

Has been a professional motivational speaker for over fifteen years, director and educator for Premier Research Labs™ Canada, President of the Quantum Health Science Summits of Canada. He was awarded the Doctor of Humanitarian Services (honors Causa), for his many humanitarian outreach activities and contribution. He is a Certified Integrative Medicine Practitioner, founder of New Millennium Living Limited and is the owner of Neptune’s Landing Health Centre on Musselman’s Lake, master. Instructor for QRA℠: Quantum Reflex Analysis with over 20,000 scans completed. He has mastered the Art of Vastu, the ancient science of architecture for the home and office, described as “Feng Shui on steroids”. Vastu utilizes source energies to achieve outrageous health and wealth.


The Premier Way: A NEW Comprehensive Health System
Designed to elegantly ‘stream-line’ the client/patient intake process.


DR. Anthony B. Sims
DDS, IMD, DHS, Diplomat AACP

Author, Researcher, Clinician

Dr. Sims has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years in Columbia, Maryland; His focus of treatment is TMJ/movement disorder patients. He has lectured on TMJ dysfunction, its treatment, and its connection to the various movement disorders. He has lectured extensively in North America and internationally on the Modern Advances in TMJ and movement disorders syndromes. Because of Dr. Sims’ dedication and his extensive knowledge, he has earned the degree of Diplomat in the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.

Dr. Sims has published current-day articles in the Journal of Craniomandibular Practice, the Journal of Pain Medicine, and the Medical Hypothesis journal in which a new paradigm shift on the thinking of Tourette’s syndrome, cervical dystonia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), as it pertains to other movement disorders that are in conjunction with the TMJ/jaw relationship.