World Organization of Natural Medicine

Our Mission:


We provide access to traditional healthcare and humanitarian services, aimed towards under-served people and promote humanitarian values through education. 


What is WONM

The World Organization of Natural Medicine is an international politically and religiously neutral humanitarian none governmental organization (NGO). It is established as per the World Health Organization Alma Ata declaration 1978, and is recognized and accredited under the Sovereigns Order of Knight Hospitallers of St. John for it humanitarian endeavors. Its educational department is a member of the United Nation Academic Impact.

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Our Impact

The mission of WONM is to fulfill the duty entrusted to it by its first meeting of its founders, the delivery of primary health care and natural medicine to the worlds economically deprived people. The human cost of conflicts is immense, and the physical and psychological wounds they inflict on the population are enormous.

Under the Clinics for Humanity program, doctors and Practitioners for natural medicine will administer “free” primary healthcare and natural medicine services to the poor whenever it is needed.



Humanitarian Missions

WONM - Clinics for Humanity has brought us to to various communities in North and South America, Africa and Asia.



Years Serving communities

Clinics for Humanity was established in 2003 as the Humanitarian department of WONM to provide services to developing nations.



Thousand Lives Impacted

We have treated thousands of people in war torn countries and individuals affected by natural disasters who are lacking basic nutrition, education and effective traditional healthcare.


Clinics For Humanity

We are devoted to the restoration and effective delivery of traditional healthcare, education and peace building geared towards the world’s under-served people.

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Our Programs

Member institutions within the World Organization of Natural Medicine, the University of Humanitarian Medicine federation must adhere to established standards for research, postgraduate fellowships and professional development, which focuses on humanitarian service and peace building.



In the developed and developing world they are countless individuals who are suffering from health challenges due to addictions and lifestyle related illness. There are also millions of people in war torn countries and individuals affected by natural disasters who are lacking basic nutrition, education and effective traditional healthcare and skills to reform their lives.


WONM University Asia is the first university in Taiwan offering 4 years medical degree program in Integrative medicine with internship in hospitals in China. Members may apply for international service learning to satisfy part of the requirements for fellowship or doctoral research.


Doctoral and post graduate fellowships research programs are restricted only to members of the organization. They are responsible for researching and publishing reports on effective, traditional natural medicine techniques and remedies.


Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine (CCHM) is the North American research center for the WONM-University of Humanitarian Medicine. Its research faculty members are authorized to supervise doctoral research and fellowship programs.


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