Conference 2019


Thank You

Dame Dr. McKenzie,  Ph.D., IMD, DHS  President and the Conference committee.

Dame Dr. McKenzie, Ph.D., IMD, DHS
President and the Conference committee.

It is our pleasure to announce the World Organization of Natural Medicine Humanitarian, Integrative, and Natural Medicine Conference 2019 was a phenomenal success.

Our theme “Sharing the Vision” was most fitting for the conference as we come together to find new outcomes to resolve the vision of empowering people.

Our conference team is confident that the diverse and dynamic group of presenters delivered what we promised ti reinforced the need for education as the key to eradicating disease, especially to underserved people worldwide and provided practical tools for you to incorporate into your practices.

Your presence helped us to make the event a great success, and your positive spirits helped to make our time together both productive and enjoyable.

Special Thanks to our presenters and everyone who contributed to making this conference possible :

  • Dr. Terri-Lyn Zaremsky (Conference chairwoman)

  • Presenters:

    • Dr. Darrell Wolfe

    • Mr. Ty Bollinger

    • Dr. Scarlett Antaloczy

    • Dr. Howard Fisher

    • Dr. Deborah Drake

    • Dr. George Grant

    • Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel

    • Sir. Dr. Gerald H. Smith

    • Sir. Dr. Stanley Ngui

    • Anthony B. Sims

  • and to all our countless supporters and sponsors.

The annual conference of Humanitarian, Integrative, and Natural Medicine is a collaboration between The Board of Integrative Medicine, The Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners-North America, The University of Humanitarian Medicine, and The Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine.


Proceeds from the conferences help to provide valuable funding for Clinics for Humanity™ outreach programs.

We wish you all the best for the year ahead and hope that you continue to engage with your WONM certifying board.